Current Project

Karara Iron Ore Project
5 Off Tower Mills weighing 80T each complete with installation of mechanical equipment

New Projects

15 metre work boat for MacKenzie Marine & Towage in Esperance with an estimated 10-12 tonnes Bollard Pull

Marine & Civil Large Piling Template for Gorgon Project

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workshop equipment
We are equipped with a comprehensive range of welding machines up to 1200 amp capacity and have the expertise required to use them to the highest industry standard, these include the following processes:

Welding Rotators
Welding rotators ranging from 15 to 100 tonne capacity

Welding Manipulators and Turntables
Up to 15 tonne capacity

Plate Rollers
2 Plate Rollers
Plate rolling equipment up to 25mm x 3000 wide

Punch and Shear
100 x 100 x 10 Angle Iron capacity
28 x 12 Plate Punch Capacity

Radial arm and pedestal drills

Horizontal and vertical saws up to 450mm diameter and 750 throat depth.

Hydraulic Press
Pressing capacity up to 500 tonnes

Hydraulic Press Brake
750 tonne pressbrake 4900 x 16mm capacity

Hydraulic Jacks
Portable jacking equipment up to 1500 tonne capacity

Plate Edge Preparation Machines
1 x Pullmax Plate Edge Bevelling Machine
1 x Portable Plate Edge Bevelling Machine

Inside Workshop

Inside Workshop

Inside Workshop

Inside Workshop